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I believe

Now everybody,
has a right to be living their lives...oh
but we're a long, long way long way from paradise.
If there was freedom tell me why everybody wants to fight...oh
'cause we're a long, long way a long way from paradise.

You might be strong enough,
you might be rich enough,
you might be blind enough:
to push it all aside.

No matter what you do,
it keeps come back to me and you.

Give a little bit of love and you get it back,
give a little bit of pain, you call it a trap.
For every little thing that you say or do, give a little bit of love and it?ll come back to you.

You got your reasons,
but are you sure they're reasons to be right?...oh
'cause we're a long, long way a long way from paradise.

We must be strong enough,
we must be brave enough,
we waited long enough now it?s time to say goodbye.

We got some rules to bend,
too many lessons to be learned.

Refrain x 2


I believe in peace and harmony,
you got to believe in love
before you can be free
so take a hand
everybody make a friend
I want you to believe in love
like I believe

Give a little bit of
a little bit of pain...pain
give a little bit of love...a little bit of love

Refrain x 2
7.7.05 11:47

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